Saturday, July 5, 2008

I have succombed....

Am I the last person on Earth not blogging? Even grandmothers are blogging, and I somehow missed the boat. I'm shocked I've held out this long, being the sort that self-discloses too much and spends a little too much time roaming the net.

Well, today is the day. I have signed up for the Ravelympics/Knitting Olympics on Ravelry (representing The Guild of Calamitous Intent, hell yeah!), so I figured it might be nice to have somewhere to document my evil knitting attempts.

Now, I have to decide what to knit. A pink pillbox hat that Dr. Girlfriend would be proud to wear? A helmet and crown for The Monarch? Decisions, decisions. Of course, my heart belongs to Dr. Orpheus, but I have to knit for evils sake, by gum... and I think a cape is too ambitious for me to make in a mere 17 day time frame.

That is all.
Go Team Venture!