Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer hibernation

ahhh, I cannot be trusted to blog with any sort of consistency. How could I call myself a proper n'er do well if I was the reliable sort? Whims of fancy and gigantic chunks of lost time are my specialty. But now I ramble.

Sooooo....August is half-way through. And not soon enough for me. If I could hunt down summer and slit it's hot, humid, sun-shiney throat, I most certainly would. Fall, now that's my kind of season. Give me fall, give me winter, keep your sandy beached summer to yourself, thank you very much.

I think I will become like the bear that hibernates in reverse, locking myself in an air-conditioned lair until all this 90+ degree weather passes.

& yet, I am still knitting with wool. Only while in the air-conditioned lair, of course, and not with any real consistency, much like this blog; but I've got a Noro-striped scarf on the needles (after wanting to make one for the last year or so), and I did manager to finish Renee's super special fingerless mitts for a handmade/crafty exchange we did.

While I knit the stripey scarf in 90 degree weather, I watch The Mighty Boosh. I love it like I love my mamma's tater tot casserole, and I have a lot of love for that casserole. It's silly and ridiculous and I can't get enough of it. Oh, BBC, how I love you and your crazy shows.