Saturday, July 10, 2010

toooo hot to do anything

It has been too damn hot to do much of anything....much less knit. But I did manage to finish these Madrid Mitts for my Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog swap partner:

Madrid Mitts 001

I totally dig them, and am gonna have to make some for myself. After a few false starts, I finally got into a nice comfortable groove knitting the lace. I was going to go with a more kitschy Dr. H type pattern, but these just seemed like something my swap buddy would like. I hope I'm right. And there were tons of other goodies I sent her, including a horribly crafted mixed cd that I love to death. I love Dr. Horrible! And I love knitting swaps! And I lovex13 Dr. Horrible knitting swaps!

next swaps for me....Zombie Apocalypse and Pirates. Totally up my alley, yo.

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